Winter 2020 – One Big Project on the Horizon

2020 Projects - The Plumber's Pipes Leak | Michigan Captain

I get to work on and play with so many boats throughout the summer that I end up taking a predictable approach to my own projects. As the old saying goes –

The plumber’s pipes leak.

At the end of the day, everyone else’s projects have been prioritized and my own tasks get knocked down the list. Next weekend, I tell myself, I really will get that starboard carb rebuilt.

After 6 seasons, my starboard engine still stalls when I idle down to come into the dock. I’m so used to it, I’m just prepared to reach over and hit the key again, once or twice, or 5 times, while swinging back in to the slip.

But, this year, there is one big, ugly project I cannot avoid. After moving on to the boat in 2019, it quickly became evident that my 1986 Sea Ray 390 Sedan Bridge had a waste tank that was just not going to cut it.

Of all the jobs on a boat, any boat, anywhere, working with the holding tank and related systems is most feared and dreaded by marine mechanics and owners alike.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, is worse than having to disconnect the hoses and pull the fittings that channel waste from the head to the holding tank. GIve me impossible to reach oil filters all day long, or sharp edges, or tiny access panels leading to the back of the dash.

However, it was woefully obvious that I was going to have to upgrade the holding tank if I was going to live on the boat full time. Eldeans Marina, as much as I love the facility, is one of those marinas that do not have a honey wagon.

Which means that every time I need to get the tank pumped out, I need to untie and run over to the fuel dock. It’s not that big of a deal and I tried to time it so I was hitting the pump out on the way out for boat rides and sunset cruises, but having to pump out every 3 to 4 days is a bit much.

Not to mention, stopping to do the job with a boat full of guests isn’t exactly the most wonderful way to start off a sunset cruise.

So. I ordered up a 35 gallon tank to replace the little 15 gallon tank that’s in there now and stater working up to o the task.

This. Is going to suck.

Stay tuned…