Maritime Safety – Big Boats or Small

Maritime Shipping and Safety

For small boats, it’s all about fun. Whether you’re out for the day on a small lake or the open ocean, activities like fishing, tubing, and wakeboarding are usually the reason for leaving the dock. For the shipping industry, the job is the focus. Getting a thousand-foot ship full of products from port to port across thousands of miles…

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Thanks for all the Compliments!

At the Helm |

Recently, I’ve had quite a few people tell me how helpful they found my website to be. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that – I love to help new boaters get the lines off and the props turning. As always, the Number One goal is to return to the dock with no one bleeding, nothing on…

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Why I love to Teach

I’ve been teaching new boaters, or boaters who have moved from small to large, or from a single-engine to twins, how to better and more safely operate their vessels for close to 20 years. Which is actually close to half of the total time I have spent on this planet messing about in boats. Close, but not quite half….

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Thoughts on Buying a Boat

Thoughts on Buying a Boat | Michigan Captain

Winter is boat show season, a time when boater’s dreams drift off to the new models, accessory upgrades, and fun new toys hitting the market before the upcoming season. It’s also a time when many boaters consider their current boat, and dream of trading up to a larger boat. Or down to a smaller one. Or across from sail…

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Winter 2020 – One Big Project on the Horizon

2020 Projects - The Plumber's Pipes Leak | Michigan Captain

I get to work on and play with so many boats throughout the summer that I end up taking a predictable approach to my own projects. As the old saying goes – The plumber’s pipes leak. At the end of the day, everyone else’s projects have been prioritized and my own tasks get knocked down the list. Next weekend,…

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Stay Afloat and Stay Alert!

Float and Stay Afloat | Michigan Captain

I’m back, back in the water again. Boat went in the water on April 9th – since then it has snowed twice, and been blowing hard enough to need extra dock lines to keep the boat and pilings from merging into one object. So, it begins. I don’t have much work to do aside from basic cleanup, but this…

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End of the Season Blues

Empty Docks on Lake Macatawa | Michigan Captain

Boating season is over for 2018, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep playing with our toys. There are endless winter projects that can keep us busy and there’s no time like the present to get started.  This year, I have to make up for the fact that the last two I was a little lazy. Not overall, just…

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