Tiara Yachts New C53 Coupe

Being a freelance writer with extensive boating experience has its perks. I was recently offered the opportunity to test drive the new Tiara C53 Coupe and then write a feature article for Lakeland Boating Magazine. And, since Tiara Yachts is only about 15 minutes away I could hardly say No. As if I would have anyway. The Tiara crew gave me a tour of the boat and a great morning out on Lake Michigan, and I sent off my views and opinions to the editor.

The boat was incredible and surprised me with its performance and handling – even after more than 40 years on the water. You can read the online version of the article here –

http://www.lakelandboating.com/boat-tests/iara-yachts-c53-coupe – the T in Tiara is missing in the link, that’s not a spelling error.

Hope you enjoy reading it at least a little as much as I enjoyed the ride and the writing!