An Adventure – Part II

The boat was in poor condition overall but since the marina it was in was just as bad we decided to try to get it over to Michigan City or somewhere a little farther down the lakeshore. After checking the boat over a bit more I decided it would be safe to make the short trip. It was a clear, calm day and

The guy who contacted us to run it up to Saugatuck had just bought in to the boat and I don’t know that he had a very clear picture of the vessel’s condition. As far as he knew the boat had been inspected and was in great shape, and would run well on the open water. My “co-pilot” and I set out down the canal and headed for open water.

We didn’t make it 1 mile before the oil pressure light for the V-Drive came on. I shut down the port engine and left Joel at the helm so I could check things over. The drive’s dipstick showed the oil as pretty low but not empty so we continued. I figured this was the source of some or all of the oil in the bilge. As soon as we got out of the no-wake zones I tried to run up both engines and found the port side would not tach past 1800 rpm. That left us making the trip at a high idle across open water. I called the man in charge of this poeration.

Since my GPS showed it to be a 5 and a 1/2 hour trip to make the 30 mile trip to Michigan City we decided to call it a day. I turned around to find a place to tie up for the night since the last place I wanted to go was the dump we just left. The second place I came to had a place to tie up but as I pulled in all I got from the employees was basically “What the f**k do you want” as I came down the dock. Let’s see, I have a boat, you store and fix boats, WHAT THE F**K DO YOU THINK I WANT. Jackass.

Once I got them to understand they had the opportunity to make money off the repairs on the boat they softened up and we got the thing tied off and our ride came back to get us. I had now spent about 4 hours on this boat to go absolutely no where. The moral of the story is next.