Christian McGowan, Handling and Safety Class Attendee, April 2021

From Christian McGowan, new boat owner and handling and safety class attendee on Lake St. Claire in April of 2021. 

Christian and Stephanie contacted me for help adjusting from a smaller, single-engined vessel to their newer 36 foot Sea Ray Sundancer. We spent close to 5 hours working together on a chilly, overcast day in April of 2021. There wasn’t much wind, but their slip is at the end of the fairway with little room for mistakes. 

We covered all of the ship’s systems and best practices first, including the reasons for checking the bilge for fumes, the best options for startup and operations, and of course, the Four Rules. Which, due to working with Christian and Stephanie, have now become The Five Rules. 

We spent the rest of the 4-hour class practicing docking and handling procedures before we snuck in a nice ride out on Lake St. Claire between rainstorms and covered drive trim and trim tab operations. 

Thanks for the kind words Christian, it was a pleasure working with you both!

“My wife and I recently purchased a boat and needed a tune-up on basic navigation and maintenance. From the moment we reached out to Chuck it was a great experience. He worked with us to find a time that fit our schedule, and when we started the lesson he did a great job of giving us all the information we needed while keeping it simple at the same time. We’re so much more confident taking the boat out after spending time with Chuck, he was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend his services to anyone that’s getting into boating for the first time or for an experienced boater looking for a refresher.”
Thanks, Christian and Stephanie, it was a pleasure to meet and work with you both!