Much thanks to the many people who have sent me updates on their vessels or their abilities after allowing me the privilege of sharing my knowledge and experience with them. I love teaching, and especially watching the pieces click together as the things I am explaining start to make sense.

Please send me a note if you would like to share your thoughts with other potential clients such as these people did below.

Thanks to George Conbeer for letting me run his beautiful 44-foot Hatteras MY from Northport to Grand Haven, MI. George had this to share –

“I used Chuck Warren to deliver my 40 foot Hatteras from Northport, MI to Grand Haven MI in May of 2020.  Chuck was easy to do business with, his rates were fair and he did the delivery exactly as he laid it out.  On time and on budget.  I would do business with Chuck again.”
George Conbeer, Great Looper

Many, many thanks to Beth Swain for pointing out that I was missing a referrals page, and even more for the things she has to say below –

“I just wanted to write a quick review of the services that I received after hiring Chuck on a few occasions. I purchased a Carver 33ft last fall (2015) and hired Chuck for some lessons. I spent 20 years in the Navy so I’ve had tons of instructors in my time. I was also a certified instructor in the military but I have to say that Chuck is one of the best I’ve come across. He takes his time, he reads the student well, he remains calm, and he easily changes his approach based on the individual he’s teaching at the time. I strongly recommend his services for teaching any aspect of boating to the novice or someone who just needs a little fine-tuning.    
I requested his services again this spring (2016) to help me relocate my boat 120 miles south. His professionalism in everything he does is admirable. We had a beautiful day as far as the weather went but we did have some issues with the performance of the boat. Again – Chuck was amazing. His mechanical knowledge allowed us to keep making needed adjustments so that we could finish the trip.
I will not hesitate to hire him in the future if the need arises. He went above and beyond by documenting, in detail, the problems we encountered with the boat so that whoever I hire to correct the fuel/starboard engine problem knew the specifics. I appreciate the extra effort and he did this without me requesting it.
I’m not sure I can put enough emphasis on how good he is at what he does. If you’re looking for a Captain – this should be the one you go to without hesitation!”  
Beth Swain, U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer (Retired)