Winter in Michigan – Only 20 Fridays until boating Season!

20 Fridays Until Boating Season | Michigan Captain For Hire

It seems like spring launch is so far away it’s not worth thinking about. But, is that really true? Another boater recently posted on Facebook, “Only 20 Fridays until Boating Season.” Well, when you look at it that way, CRAP. I’ve got a lot to do. I had an easy summer season this year. After […]

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Stay Afloat and Stay Alert!

Float and Stay Afloat | Michigan Captain

I’m back, back in the water again. Boat went in the water on April 9th – since then it has snowed twice, and been blowing hard enough to need extra dock lines to keep the boat and pilings from merging into one object. So, it begins. I don’t have much work to do aside from […]

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End of the Season Blues

Empty Docks on Lake Macatawa | Michigan Captain

Boating season is over for 2018, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep playing with our toys. There are endless winter projects that can keep us busy and there’s no time like the present to get started.  This year, I have to make up for the fact that the last two I was a little […]

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Why is Lake Michigan so Deadly

This article recently ran on the front page of The Weather Channel’s website – It’s one more reason to respect Lake Michigan.

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Deliveries, Deliveries, Deliveries…

Cruising to Iowa in 36 Feet of Cruisers Inc Motoryacht I’m not sure why but I’ve had more calls for on-water deliveries already this year than any other early season. I’ve had people calling me from all over the Midwest to relocate boats to places like Iowa. And yes, it is possible, although I did […]

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Splish Splash…

Ah… the boat’s in. All is right with the world. I had plenty of time over the winter to chip away at the little projects I needed to knock out, and now I just have want-to-do’s left instead of have-to-do’s. There are still a few things I would like to get cleaned up before the […]

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It’s Bottom Paint Time…

I live for boating season. This is no secret; everyone knows it. I count down the days from haul-out in November to Launch Day in April. Or if I’m really lucky, in March. But, boat ownership does not come without its fair share of work and the one task I think I hate more than […]

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Tiara Yachts New C53 Coupe

Being a freelance writer with extensive boating experience has its perks. I was recently offered the¬†opportunity to test drive the new Tiara C53 Coupe and then write a feature article for Lakeland Boating Magazine. And, since Tiara Yachts is only about 15 minutes away I could hardly say No. As if I would have anyway. […]

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The Curse of the Viking

I was asked to deliver a 44 foot Viking Motor Yacht from Saugatuck, Michigan to North Point Marina in Winthrop Harbor, IL. The boat was in good shape, had two great running diesels, and all the bells and whistles that make that trip pretty easy. The autopilot and radar both worked, and the engines seemed […]

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